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Avisynth: Blending aliasing fields after deinterlacing

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I was wondering if what works in my avisynth script now can be (partially) automated or replaced by another function.


The DVD is PAL animation, that has between 25 and 50 unique images per second. I have to use extremely sensitive TDeint settings to avoid ghosting, any other deinterlacer causes ghosting (QTGMC) or more damage. A few field couples have aliasing (bobbing up and down), but they look clean after they are blended/merged together. The aliasing ones are always two (or three) frames that repeat each other.


It's not too bad for a few hunderd fields, but the entire video has over 60000 fields. Does anyone have any hints to clean up my code or knows a function that automatically blends the aliasing fields? I'll try to upload a sample later.


The part below is for the first 50:

f1=Trim(1, 1)

f2=Trim(2, 2)

f3=Trim(3, 3)

f4=Trim(4, 4)

f5=Trim(5, 5)

f6=Trim(6, 6)

f7=Trim(7, 7)

f8=Trim(8, 8)

f9=Trim(9, 9)
f10=Trim(10, 10)

f11=Trim(11, 11)

f12=Trim(12, 12)

f13=Trim(13, 13)
f14=Trim(14, 14)

f15=Trim(15, 15)

f16=Trim(16, 16)

f17=Trim(17, 17)
f18=Trim(18, 18)

f19=Trim(19, 19)

f20=Trim(20, 20)
f21=Trim(21, 21)

f23=Trim(23, 23)

f24=Trim(24, 24)

f25=Trim(25, 25)

f26=Trim(26, 26)
f27=Trim(27, 27)

f28=Trim(28, 28)

f29=Trim(29, 29)

f30=Trim(30, 30)
f31=Trim(31, 31)

f32=Trim(32, 32)

f33=Trim(33, 33)

f34=Trim(34, 34)
f35=Trim(35, 35)

f36=Trim(36, 36)
f37=Trim(37, 37)

f38=Trim(38, 38)
f39=Trim(39, 39)

f40=Trim(40, 40)

f41=Trim(41, 41)

f42=Trim(42, 42)

f43=Trim(43, 43)
f44=Trim(44, 44)

f45=Trim(45, 45)

f46=Trim(46, 46)

f47=Trim(47, 47)
f48=Trim(48, 48)

f49=Trim(49, 49)

source = f1+f1+f2+f3+f4+f5+f6+f7+f8+fm9+fm9+f11+f12+fm13+fm13+f15+f16+fm17+fm17+f19+fm20+fm20+fm20+f23+f24+f25+fm26+fm26+f28+f29+fm30+fm30+f32+f33+fm34+fm34+fm36+fm36+fm38+fm38+f40+f41+f42+fm43+fm43+f45+f46+fm47+fm47+f49


Every field that's not part of a merge is unique or black. Every field that is merged looks aliased without blending. Merged frames are doubled to keep the output at 50fps. f22 is missing, since it is an aliasing field and the same as f20. Therefore fm20 is repeated once more.

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