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Hidden Indie Gems

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I am not what I want here, or what I wanted to achieve..just wanted to something..hehe


Mainstream games are well, main stream, and you always end up hearing about them one way or another, even if they are not good.

However, when it comes to Indie games, little attention do they receive, even the good ones.


So, how about listing some of them best, or even just good, Indie games that you might have to share. Or any hidden gems, that may not technically be Indie, but is good not popular enough.

Also, I think it's ok to provide good stores/resources for Indie games.


I'll start with recent game I played recently

windowframe - Free. It's quite fun and something completely new. It's a short game. Definitely worth a try.

I ended up another game by the same developer, unknowingly, and it too was quite good. This developer has a knack for strange game designs I believe.



Even though I don't play a lot of games, for those interested, as for stores, I almost exclusively only try itch.io.

They are great, have huge catalog and a lot of free, cheap and discounted stuff.

(Also, I am dev too and publish my stuff there. But I don't think I'd like to share my username 😅 Nothing good on my profile yet!)




Please refrain from recommending AAA or large production titles. This might be a bit ambiguous, so please use your best judgement.



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