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what are your best OP/ED ?

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Share your best OST (OP/ED), lets hear them jams :classic_biggrin:



Sorairo Days  Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Shouko Nakagawa


ED :

Life is Like a Boat Bleach Rie Fu



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This is really tough. I don't think I can pick my number 1 favourite because I'm not sure that I have 1 that is better than the rest. I'll just go with my favourite in recent memory.



The Oral Cigarettes - Kyouran Hey Kids!! - Noragami season 2 = I didn't think the opening for season 1 could be topped, but this did it. Amazing song from my current favourite Japanese band.



Yui Sakakibara - The Time-Governing Twelve Covenants (I think this is what it's called) - Steins;Gate season 1 = Suited the series perfectly.

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The OP to Blue Gender sung by Brandi Evans McComb



The ED to Blue Gender sung by Daphne Gere



Record of Lodoss war OVA ed english





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Hmm yeah @Mephiles is right, picking just one for each category is a real challenge. A Top 3 would have been much easier. I added an Insert Song and general OST as well.


OP - Dynamite Explosion from Macross Dynamite 7

ED - Dear You from the Higurashi Kaku Outbreak OVA (this one was a close call, actually. They didn't use Dear You in ANY of the anime installments of Higurashi. I was really happy when they used it at the very end of the - severely underappreciated - Kaku Outbreak OVA several years later.)

Insert Song - Voices from Macross Plus (being an Insert song, this would work much better with the actual footage, but I could only find low quality versions)

OST - Madder Sky from Code Geass R2

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In general I'd say I really love all of Aldnoah.Zero OP and ED. Similarly for Psycho-Pass and Fate/Stay Night.

These are like my all time favorites.



However, my current favorite, my ear worm for almost a month now, is:

The Anthem of the Heart - Ima, Hanashitai Dareka ga Iru

though not sure if it qualifies as an ED, but lately I just can't get enough of it.



Some others I like:

Attack on Titan - great escape

Beyond the Boundary - Daisy

From the New World - Wareta Ringo

The World God Only Knows - God Only Knows - Dai San Maku

Tokyo Ghoul - unravel

WATAMOTE - Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui

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Cowboy Bebop OP1 The Seatbelts - Tank!
Cowboy Bebop ED1 The Seatbelts - The Real Folk Blues
Cowboy Bebop ED2 The Seatbelts - Blue: Spoiler-Free Version, Spoiler Version
Cowboy Bebop Insert The Seatbelts - Call Me, Call Me: Spoiler-Free Version, Spoiler Version
Cowboy Bebop Movie OP1 The Seatbelts - Ask DNA
Cowboy Bebop Movie ED1 The Seatbelts - Gotta Knock a Little Harder: Spoiler-Free Version, Spoiler Version
Baccano! OP1 Paradise Lunch - Gun's & Roses
Death Parade OP1 BRADIO - Flyers
Samurai Champloo ED1 Nujabes ft. MINMI - Shiki no Uta
Samurai Champloo ED5 Midicronica - San Francisco: Spoiler-Free Version, Spoiler Version
From the New World ED1 Taneda Risa - Wareta Ringo
Durarara OP1 Theatre Brook - Uragiri no Yūyake
Durarara OP2 ROOKiEZ is Punk'd - Complication
Durarara OP3 OKAMOTO'S - Headhunt
Durarara OP4 Toshiyuki Toyonaga - Day you laugh: Spoiler-Free Version, Spoiler Version
Durarara OP5 FLOW - Steppin' Out: Spoiler-Free Version, Spoiler Version
K-On! ED1 Houkago Tea Time - Don't Say "Lazy"
K-On! ED2 Houkago Tea Time - Listen!!
K-On! ED3 Houkago Tea Time - No, Thank You!
K-On! Movie ED1 Houkago Tea Time - Singing
Nana OP1 Anna Tsuchiya - Rose
Nana OP2 Olivia Lufkin - Wish
Nana OP3 Anna Tsuchiya - Lucy
Nana ED1 Olivia Lufkin - A Little Pain: Spoiler-Free Version, Spoiler Version
Nana ED2 Olivia Lufkin - Starless Night
Gurren Lagann Insert Iwasaki Taku - Rap is Man's Soul! [Short Start Edit]
Kill la Kill ED1 Miku Sawai - Gomen ne, Iiko ja Irarenai.
Kill la Kill Insert Sawano Hiroyuki & Kobayashi Mika - Before My Body is Dry
Attack on Titan Insert Hiroyuki Sawano - Barricades: Spoiler-Free Version, SUPER HYPE MEGA SPOILER VERSION
Drifters OP1 Minights Til Midnight - Gospel of the Throttle
Princess Principal OP1 Void_Chords feat.MARU - The Other Side of the Wall


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various from sayonara zetsubou





kara no kyoukai mirai  fukuin ED



Bokurano OP



Hyouge mono OP




and i definitely forgot princess jellyfish OP 😛



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The Psycho Pass series has both really good ops and eps

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Op:Gurenge (Demon Slayer) - LiSA

ED-Unlasting (Sword Art Online war of the underworld) - LiSA

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I'll just mention one of each that hasn't been mentioned here yet.


One of my favorite OPs is Brave Shine by Aimer. It's from Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works.


One of my favorite EDs is Inkya Impulse by Kino Hina, Kohara Konomi & Nagae Rika, who are the 3 voice actors for the main characters of the show Asobi Asobase.

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