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Attack on Titan

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So, I started the manga after catching up on the anime, and I have to say... not really a fan of the art style.  I'm not yet sure what it is.  The best description I can come up with so far is... unfinished?  There's a lot of times where the characters are drawn with extremely messy lines, or shading seems to be done haphazardly with squiggles... I don't know. 


For the characters, I feel like I've seen stuff like this done in extremely hectic action scenes, or when a character is suffering some sort of ill effect, and I can totally see that working.  But in AoT, it's even when the characters are just standing around, no action or movement at all.


I'm going to keep reading it, because I'm interested, maybe it will grow on me.   I'll have to see if I can dig up some screenshots of what I'm talking about.



So, I'm now up to Volume 4, and I can say the style has grown on me a bit.  I also looked back at Volume 1 again, and I think I was just being picky about a few panels.  The vast majority don't really fit what I described above.


Carry on.




Edit yet again.  I found a few panels in a volume (6, I think), that show what I was trying to describe pretty well.  I mean, image 2 especially, just look at the freaking symbol on the character's back!  And the arms in the left panel.










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